How to partner with Procurement to get a 360-view of an enterprise’s pain

Jill Robbins has spent her career as a professional buyer. She’s seen every trick, tactic and act of seller manipulation known to man. She has purchased $billions worth of products and services. Now she’s turned from gamekeeper to poacher. She shares some vital insights on how #Procurement really operates, how they think, how they are compensated and what good and bad procurement look like.

If you want to scale, you are going to come across procurement and you can either push against them or make them your ally. I strongly suggest, you make them your ally.

I know, many of you will think I’ve gone soft but hear me out.

Throughout the enterprise, pockets of dissatisfaction are sharing a collective experience of their pain manifesting as a range of symptoms. Each flashpoint will be turning to procurement to find solutions and seek out vendors. If you know your onions, and you get partner with procurement early, you can work with them to identify if and when an organisation needs your help and is ready to buy.

Have a listen and take notes. Let me know what you learn and apply.

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