Breakthrough the wall of selling to Procurement & Supply Chain…

Have you or your team HIT THE WALL… selling to or through Procurement/ Supply Chain organizations?

In order to breakthrough this longstanding “wall”, it is critical for sales to invest in understanding Procurement.

Sales must:
✔︎ Ask open ended questions
✔︎ Actively listen to collectively solve and prevent problems
✔︎ Do research to understand what challenges and opportunities are on the table
✔︎ Be collaborative
✔︎ Show genuine interest (and respect) in your client’s success [this happens after the contract is signed… so show up and ensure long term success is delivered]

❌ Stop assuming the worst in Procurement, you are ONE of thousands of suppliers knocking on their door.

🎯 Know your value proposition, connect this to the customer; you will win more deals and upsell more than you thought possible.

Sell Smart.
You don’t get what you don’t ask for…

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