Are you connecting the dots?

Are you connecting the dots?

As you sell to and through Procurement, how well are you researching the prospect and connecting your value proposition to their business?

⚡️ How much time do you spend researching your client and their business? (not just what their website says, but what others are saying about the business)
⚡️ Are you actively listening to internal stakeholders and Procurement?
⚡️ Before you sell, you should LISTEN first, then ask questions based on the research/homework you have done. This will make you stand out from your competition.

❗️ Remember you are one of hundreds or thousands of suppliers knocking on Procurement’s door… make it worth their while and demonstrate your value proposition.

🛑 If you work around Procurement or do not have a fruitful first meeting with Procurement; you may jeopardize your ability to sell that first deal and win any future business.

Sell Smart.
Make your team ‘Procurement Insiders’ today, you will win more deals, improve working relationships and maximize margins.

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