Strategic Pricing For Maximum Lifetime Customer Value

Dave Abbott, Gary Mitchell and Jill Robbins join me to discuss the power of strategic pricing to maximise lifetime customer value. Jill brings 20 years corporate procurement experience, Dave Abbott  is the author of How To Price Your Platypus 35 years executive leadership and marketing, and Gary Mitchell brings 35 years in transformation and turnaround programmes building value in PE owned companies.

Each one brings fresh insight into pricing strategies, building value for and with customers that lead to long term, sustained partnerships between vendors and buyers.

This is a challenging and stimulating conversation . I strongly suggest you take notes and a couple of listens to pull out all the ideas.

Contact Dave via linkedin.com/in/diabbott


Email: david@dabbott.co.ukTwitter: davidatinsight

Contact Jill at linkedin.com/in/jillerobbins

email:  jill@businessfierce.com

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