Grow Your Business by Increasing Your Win Rate While Selling Through Procurement w/ Jill Robbins

As procurement departments and buyers become more sophisticated, manufacturers and distributors will see more scrutiny from their customers, especially if they might be selling high-value and complex items. 😱

They have already been facing cost pressures from their customers, but now they might see an elongated sales cycle with RFPs to compete.

The RFP process might increase your costs if you don’t have experience responding to them.

Winning RFPs and working with procurement requires you to understand how procurement thinks and works deeply.

Meet Jill Robbins, who discusses how to grow your business by increasing your win rate while selling through procurement, including:
-how to navigate long-term sales cycles that involve selling to and through procurement.
– best practices in responding to RFPs and what procurement teams value in a partner and in the RFP response.
– how procurement teams think and work from her experience of working in procurement for a very long time that manufacturing executives need to know if they are selling complex products through procurement.

Link to the full episode: t.ly/0vYz

What comes to mind when you think of selling to procurement? 👇

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