Every conversation, is a negotiation.

Every conversation, is a negotiation.

Are you attune to what you are saying and how you are saying it, in every buying and selling situation (personal or business)?

The gap can be WIDE between Sales and Procurement/Supply Chain…

In order to bridge this long standing and ever increasing gap, It is critical for both sides of the table to invest in understanding each other.

Both Sales and Procurement must:
✔︎ Ask open ended questions
✔︎ Actively listen to collectively solve and prevent problems
✔︎ Do research to understand what challenges and opportunities are on the table
✔︎ Be collaborative

❌ Stop assuming the worst in each other; don’t share more than is necessary to collaborate effectively.

🎯 Sales folks… know your value proposition, connect this to the customer (do not be generic); you will win more deals and upsell more than you thought possible

Sell Smart.
You don’t get what you don’t ask for…

We help sales professionals bridge the gap when selling to and through Procurement/Supply Chain.