Advisory services focused on maximizing sales, as you sell to and through Procurement & Supply Chain.

Selling to Procurement / Strategic Sourcing / Supply Chain

  • Arm your team with value centric selling and negotiation skills that become a source of strength in every conversation
  • Ensure the relationship between Sales and Procurement is healthy and grows your business
  • You and your team will learn how to effectively research, prepare, listen and learn when & how “to ask”
  • Allowing negotiation to become a source of strength in every interaction
  • Your business will prosper as the skills are applied personally and professionally
  • Win for Business = Win for Employees

‘Stand Out’ RFP submissions

  • Every single proposal you submit to an RFP or RFQ should be one that sets you apart from your competition
  • Canned responses that lack creativity are quickly tossed aside
  • We help you build a portfolio of creative answers to standard questions, as well as how to apply creativity to every RFP response, so your proposals stand out and win you more business
  • Knowing when and how to respond to RFP’s can be difficult, we help you discern where you stand currently with the customer and how to respond efficiently and effectively to win you more business

Value Centric Customer Messaging

Improve and maximize your selling model, consulting services to:

  • Tackle sticky customer relationships (moving to a position of strength)
  • Improve customer dashboards & metrics (as a supplier of choice)
  • Update “sell decks”, social media, demo’s, whitepapers/case studies

Support your sales & account management teams through the pre-sales process, answer questions ad hoc through the RFP process, contract negotiations and apply strong relationship management practices to optimize the value proposition of your company’s solutions.