Outdated sales tactics and generic selling materials can kill deals.

We take a holistic approach by:

  • Reviewing selling materials
  • Surveying your sales team
  • Providing value-based recommendations

Key Benefits:

  • Dissect where and how current team is struggling when selling to Procurement. Address pain points in tailored training.
  • Identify and highlight messaging gaps and opportunities to move to value centric selling model.
  • Incorporate observations and gaps into Procurement Insider Training.


World class training services based on real experience, that enable your team to drive strategic value through your sales functions, selling to and through Procurement.

Key Benefits:

  • Learn how and what is important to Procurement professionals; how they approach negotiations & category management.
  • Learn how savings are measured and key Procurement lingo, so you can speak Procurement’s language.
  • Learn how you are viewed and categorized as a supplier and how to classify your customers.


Advisory services focused on elevating internal efficiency and maximizing margins.

Sales Professionals

We make your team ‘Procurement Insiders’, optimizing your sales messaging to be customer centric, creating standout RFP responses and an internal sales playbook to maximize sales.

Procurement Organizations

We help you implement the right governance, policies and systems to maximize the Procurement value proposition; making it easy for stakeholders to “do the right thing”.