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About Us

Salespeople spend less than 22% of their time actually selling.

Innovative sales leaders have reinvented the selling experience for their teams, by applying practical insights in selling to and through Procurement. With Business Fierce, leading enterprises are gaining new leads, cross-sells, up-sells, and faster sales cycles.

We are willing to say “No” to work and we are not compelled to tell our customers what they want to hear.

Our Expertise

We focus maximizing your leverage when selling to and through Procurement & Supply Chain, by elevating sales messaging, submitting standout RFP proposal responses and optimizing Procurement organizations compliance & efficiency.


We assess your current selling material and survey your sales team to provide value centric recommendations to maximize leverage, elevate your brand and increase sales..


We are changing the game for traditional selling by arming your team with insights on how Procurement operates, approaches negotiations and manages suppliers; increasing your speed to close sales.
Make your team Procurement insiders today.


We provide expert advisory services focused on maximizing value and productivity for both Sales Professionals and Procurement Organizations.

Our Team

Business Fierce leverages years of being sold to and negotiating with the largest companies in the world to elevate your sales teams relationship with Procurement & Supply Chain.

Our Clients

We are fully committed to maximizing selling leverage for our clients.

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