Sell Smart. Think and sell the way Procurement buys.

Are you a supplier that sells to or through Procurement? 
Maximize your margins, streamline the buying process, and learn how to elevate your sales messaging & trust with customers

Sales Training

Your team will become ‘Procurement Insiders’. Learning how to become and remain a supplier of choice.

We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly… now we are lifting the veil, so your team can sell more with ‘inside information’ on how Procurement/Supply Chain operates that will differentiate you from your competition with a focus on value-based selling, negotiation and relationship management.

We believe every seller deserves to maximize their leverage when selling to and through Procurement.


  • Strategic Sourcing vs. Purchase to Pay
  • How Procurement receives marching orders
  • How Procurement success is measured:
    • CPO priorities
    • Category manager priorities
    • Procurement scorecard metrics and how savings are calculated
  • Procurement value levers (how to use when selling & negotiating)
  • Supplier Relationship Management from Procurement view
  • Additional playbook insights


  • Survey of sales team to understand pain points
  • Tailored training addressing survey learnings
    • 60-minute training session & 15-minute Q&A
    • 2-3 week post training, Fireside Chat 45 minutes with open Q&A

Three part approach to training includes:

  1. ‘Procurement Insider’ Training covers the procurement process, how savings are tracked & calculated, internal metrics and category management
  2. Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) on how suppliers are categorized
  3. Negotiating & Selling to Procurement/Strategic Sourcing


Increase sales

Improve confidence

Elevate negotiation skills

Maximize margins

Empower your business and leaders

Improve decision making

Increase accountability

Improve problem-solving & critical thinking